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Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit


In the wake of increasing corporate scandals and a dynamic business environment, risk management & internal controls are critical to today’s organizations in order to remain competitive.  The company must be mindful of the risks inherent in their business whilst striving hard to achieve their objectives and maintain profitability levels.

MustaphaKhoo Total Advisors Sdn Bhd, set up to be part of the enlarged Group of Companies under Mustapha Khoo & Co., aims to complement the existing services that the Group is already providing.  It is the Group’s goal to be recognized as a reputable medium size organization in providing excellence services & quality work to our client whereby MKTA strives for success through developing solutions for our clients. 

Instead of having the need to constantly hire, train & retain internal resources, why not outsource or co-source the function to us.

How can we help

At MustaphaKhoo Total Advisors Sdn Bhd, we maintain qualified personnel with the collectives internal audit experience in the following industries:

  • Financial Institutions

  • Construction & Property & Development

  • Manufacturing & Engineering

  • Water Treatment

  • Agro

  • Education

  • Plantation

  • Automotive

  • Equipment Trading & Services

  • Legal

When you involve us as part of the solution, we can help you to meet your goals & objectives in a variety of ways.

Our Services

1.      Enterprise Risk Management
      Internal Audit Review
      Business Continuity Planning
      ISO Audit
      Cost Saving/Business Process Improvement
      Drafting Standard Operational Manuals

Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise risk management is a structured and continuous process that helps organization managed the risks associated with their operations. 

Our approach enables our clients to achieve optimal results and we will work with your team to cooperatively develop the appropriate risk management framework and solution through the following steps:

  • Identification of relevant risks.

  • Evaluation of key risks that will prevent the company from achieving its objectives.

  • Assessment of the impact and likelihood of the risk.

  • Identification & implementation of a solution to mitigation the risk.

  • Monitoring & coordinating the risk management process & outcome.

Our solution not only focuses on financial & regulatory compliance, but it also takes in all areas of business risks throughout the entire organization.

Once the enterprise wide risk profile is created, we would develop & help you monitor the risk solution to mitigate the risk faced by the organization.  We help our clients manage the business better, improve enterprise wide processes, provide better information on decision making and therefore create a competitive advantage.

Internal Audit
Internal audit is an independent appraisal function to examine and evaluate the activities of the company to give the management the assurance that the processes and the internal controls that has been put in place is sufficient in order to meet it objectives.

We are here to assist and add value to the board, audit committee, management and other members in the organization in discharging their responsibilities as well as to move on to the next level  in corporate governance.

Our internal audit service applies to listed and non-listed companies as a way of reassurance given to the board & management.

Just imagine whether the following questions are relevant to you?

  • Is your organization making objectives assessment towards achieving the goals?

  • How sure are you that whatever controls you have put in place have been
    fully implemented?

  • Are there any shared ideas of best practices?

  • Do you have a counsel for improvement on controls, practices procedures, performance and risk management?

  • Do you have a procedure in finding ways to reduce cost and realign business processes?

  • Are you documenting practices in a “Standard Operating Manual” format?

Business Continuity Planning
Business continuity or disaster recovery planning is a key contingency or risk management strategy.

Should anything happen to your principal facility or workplace, where would you be able to continue with delivering the service or products and who and what will you need to make it all fall into place in a new and unfamiliar environment?

The answers is to have a clear methodology of what are your risk exposure, critical activities, information technology needs etc and develop a recovery strategy in the shortest possible time in order to be able to resume the minimum of your business activities.

Our programme will help to deliver a plan with the specific staff and management trained about the direction and implementation process to assure the stakeholders that effective controls are in place.

ISO Audit
We have conducted internal audits for conformance with ISO 9000:2000 series of standards.  The following are some of the key elements that we have followed in our audits:

  • Planning and preparation

  • Performing the audit

  • Report findings

  • Closing out the audit

Cost Saving/Business Process Improvement
If the increasing costs of doing business is your concern, perhaps we can help you create value, reduce waste thus maximise your profit through a methodological cost saving/process improvement program via the following:-

  • Analyse the cost component and its trend.

  • Establish process ownership in term of responsibility/ and accountability.

  • To identify the people to be responsible for the performance, changes, failure & success.

  • Standardise and streamline similar processes.  To improve the process, we study the work process, flow of the records, that create the value for the company instead of directly cutting down the dollars and cents.

  • Use benchmarking or other techniques to continuously monitor the cost and results.

  • Establish framework for financial authority limit.

  • Evaluate the cost & benefits of the process.

  • Suggest ways to reduce cost & realign the process.

  • Implementing cost saving effort.

Drafting Standard Operations Procedural Manual
Document the way you work.  Build a library of how to, when to and why to of the processes that you are currently practicing – either paper based or electronically. 

Among the advantages of this documentation are as follows:

  • Employees have confidence in their work when the way to do, when to do and why is there a need to do a task is properly documented.  This improves productivity!

  • Information is effectively channeled to the person concern.

  • Less mistakes and lower training costs.

  • Staff learn to teach themselves in their own time.



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