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Every human beings, no matter how smart and intelligent they are, may need certain direction at certain time to do the right thing for their future.

Do you come across questions that you may need to ponder and at times at a loss of which direction to heed to?

Normal Questions like: -


My heirs may be too young to inherit my accumulated wealth 
– who shall I pass the control to and at the same time have a peace of mind that my love ones have the benefits to my hard earned wealth?

My children may not share my vision or wishes in my existing business
– what do I do?

My children may divorce or predeceased the spouse
– how do I ensure that my grandchildren will enjoy the benefit of my wealth?

The prospect of inheriting wealth may affect my love ones’ motivation and character
– how shall I deal with it to protect myself when I am still alive?

I may not be able to divide my assets equally among my loved ones
– how do I prevent potential family disputes?

My spouse may re-marry or predecease the new spouse?

What if I am senile or mentally ill or incapacitated?


How and where will my wealth accumulate?

When can I retire and what sort of lifestyle will I face or want to have after my retirement?

Call us for an appointment to evaluate your needs and to analyse your financial position which will lead you on to the followings:-

Wealth Accumulation through recommended balanced risks of investment in tangible and liquid assets.
Wealth Preservation of your accumulated wealth.
Estate Planning by way of Trust Creation, Business Succession Planning and Will Writing.

To ensure achievement of your financial goals, you require a Financial Plan which will cover areas of your income and expenditure budgeting, saving and investment planning, tax planning and liquidity control, family security, children education and retirement planning.

Asset Makers Sdn. Bhd. has a team  of Certified Financial Planners and have tied up with reputable Strategic Partners to attend to your planning, insurance and investment needs.


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